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"My goal is to help patients for more fulfilling lives."

Borderline and Narcissistic Personality Disorders Therapy

Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder are common conditions that often lead to unpleasant and chaotic lives for certain individuals and their loved ones. Contemporary psychoanalytic therapy can help improve patients’ lives, often remarkably. In my experience, I have found that some who have tried dialectical behavior therapy are not helped as much as they wish. Consequently, the approach I utilize at my Bloomfield Hills, MI, practice seeks to address those parts of personality and underlying struggles that often are not addressed in many treatments.

I have published books and articles on these complex disorders, and present at conferences about the origins of these conditions, how they are assessed, and on how they may be treated. My expertise and clinical experience allow me to help patients make meaningful, lasting changes in their lives.


Compulsive Sexual Behavior

Compulsive sexual behavior, which is sometimes called “sex addiction,” is a preoccupation with sexual ideas and activities. Many wonder if these problems require treatment; others believe that their problems are too shameful to discuss with anyone else, or find that such ideas and behaviors are so upsetting that they must do something to feel “normal”.

Treatment should be considered when sexual preoccupation is causing a person to neglect important responsibilities, affecting their ability to maintain employment and relationships, or causing harm. I have treated a number of individuals here in Bloomfield Hills, MI, who are struggling with these aspects of their sexuality, including concerns about pornography addiction or unusual sexual ideas or preferences. My patients and I understand how these actions are related to a person’s personality structure and how they help solve underlying problems for which they might not be aware.


Chronic Depression

Many people go through life with an underlying sense of unhappiness that can range from relatively mild sadness to episodes of feeling suicidal. Medication and short-term therapy can offer some help, but a number of people remain frustrated with the limited results these approaches offer. I believe that chronic depression is related to a person’s personality, which requires a different approach than most treatments that only aim to reduce symptoms.

My approach is insight-oriented and integrative that seeks for deep understanding and long-term change. Therapy can help those suffering from chronic depression uncover some of the root causes of this illness. My goal as a psychologist in Bloomfield Hills, MI, is to help patients work toward building more fulfilling lives while providing the various treatment methods they need.


Failure to Launch Therapy

Many young adults find themselves struggling to become self-sufficient or take on adult responsibilities. “Failure to Launch” syndrome can manifest in several different ways, such as dropping out of college, living at home with no plans for independence, difficulty maintaining steady employment, or lacking motivation to seek career advancement.

I help young adults in Bloomfield Hills, MI, uncover why they might be stuck in life and whether treatment would help them thrive and live a more meaningful life. This all begins with a thorough diagnostic assessment followed by specific recommendations for treatment or other life-enhancing experiences.

If you are ready to begin this process, I am here to help.