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Importance of teletherapy services during COVID-19 pandemic
February 23, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Importance of teletherapy services during COVID-19 pandemic

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many parts of our lives have changed or adapted to a new way of living. Unfortunately, it’s taken a major toll on many individuals and their mental health. However, Steven K. Huprich, Ph.D. has adjusted to meet the needs of patients with the help of teletherapy services. While this is a relatively new and revolutionary method of providing treatment to patients, it’s been incredibly helpful and important in many ways. We’ve listed six of the ways that we have been able to help patients with the help of teletherapy.

Consistent sessions

As the pandemic continues to dictate social distancing and avoiding crowds, it can be difficult to get into places like a doctor's office and other clinics. Teletherapy services make it easy to allow your psychologist to continue to provide services with consistent sessions. You don’t have to miss sessions or reschedule due to new building capacity recommendations, distancing guidelines, or even closed offices.

Social distancing

Social distancing has been a significant part of our vocabulary over the last year or so. In order to keep people safe from COVID-19, the standard has been to keep six feet of distance. This can be challenging when meeting with a mental health practitioner. Continuing therapy via video chats has allowed us and our patients to continue to stay safe at a distance.

Ease of accessibility

There are days that it’s not easy to get into the office for your appointment. Whether this is because of scheduling conflicts with work, children at school, or even the lack of motivation to leave the house, an online session with your psychologist is just a few mouse clicks away. As long as you have a solid internet connection, you don’t have to worry about missing any of your sessions.

Improves comfort

It can be uncomfortable to visit any type of clinician’s office. This is especially true if you’re meeting for the first time. Although getting out of your comfort zone might be a part of your therapy, you can get comfortable at your home with the help of teletherapy services. This allows you to have a more open and free conversation with your therapist, which will make for more effective treatment in the long.

Upholds client privacy

Even with the acceptance of the industry in recent years, there’s still somewhat of a stigma attached to seeking help with mental health. With teletherapy services, patients are able to meet with their therapist within the comfort and privacy of their own homes. This helps ease any feelings that you might have regarding hiding your trip to a therapist from your friends or neighbors.

Serve a larger area

No matter who is providing the service, you can only cover so much ground and continue to provide at a high level. This is also true with psychologists. Patients who live in remote areas away from a large metropolitan area or even beyond the suburbs have to travel much farther than those who live within a certain geographic area. With the help of teletherapy, patients can get the help that they need from a therapist no matter where they live.

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