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Get to know Steven K. Huprich, PhD, in Northville, MI
August 26, 2020 at 7:00 AM
Get to know Steven K. Huprich, PhD, in Northville, MI

Dr. Steven K. Huprich has proudly served the Northville, MI, area for over 12 years. His therapy practice is focused on helping adults make positive changes in their lives, and overcoming mental health challenges.

Learn more about us, and see what sets us apart from other psychology practices in the Northville area.

A caring, customized approach

As you go through life, do you feel like your peers have passed you by? Have you reached personal and professional goals but still remain unhappy? Do compulsive behaviors or feelings of shame hold you back from being the best person you want to be?

There is hope, because you can find greater satisfaction in your work and personal lives with the right professional. Steven K. Huprich, PhD, in Northville, MI, can help you overcome the conflicts and anxiety that hold you back so that you can make these changes happen.

Even though everyone is different, Steven K. Huprich, PhD is able to tailor his treatment to what should work best for you, no matter what the problem you believe you have. Dr. Huprich specializes in working with chronic depression and life unhappiness, borderline and narcissistic personalities, and sexually compulsive behaviors. If these are among the problems that you are experience, Dr. Huprich’s therapy services can help.

Extensive experience and top-notch qualifications

Steven K. Huprich, PhD, in Northville, MI, has decades of experience. He’s maintained an independent clinical practice for the past 22 years, with a focus on helping adults navigate through challenges, such as personality disorders, compulsions, and more.

With a strong background in higher education and academia, he has also trained hundreds of people to become psychologists. He is currently a fellow of the American Psychological Association and Society for Personality Assessment. Dr. Huprich’s extensive experience and international collaboration gives him insight into the latest and most effective psychological treatments.

Browse our services

Dr. Huprich empowers patients to make positive changes in their lives through therapy and psychological assessments. He also provides consultation services to other physicians, clergy, and mental health professionals.

Browse our full list of services:


Psychotherapy, sometimes called “talk therapy,” is an effective way of dealing with emotional difficulties and managing the symptoms of psychological challenges. Dr. Huprich’s psychotherapy approach is grounded in modern psychodynamic theory and the evidence-base behind it. These one-on-one sessions can be fully customized to address your specific needs.

Psychological assessment

If you’re just beginning your therapy journey, undergoing a psychological assessment is a great starting point. This service allows you to better understand yourself and some of the mental health difficulties you may be facing.

Dr. Huprich also provides psychological assessments for pre-surgical evaluations, and for other mental health professionals who are seeking clarification about their patient’s diagnosis.


Dr. Huprich is an expert in personality disorders and diagnostic assessment. He offers consultation services on difficult cases, and he provides instruction in the diagnosis and treatment of challenging personality disorders.

Areas of specialty

Dr. Huprich specializes in the following areas:

  • Personality pathologies, such as narcissistic and borderline personality disorders.
  • Depression and chronic dissatisfaction with life.
  • Anxiety.
  • Pornography addiction.
  • Compulsive sexual behavior.
  • Relationship difficulties.

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It’s never too late to turn your life around and overcome mental health challenges. If you’re ready to make positive changes, we’d love to help.

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